I am a plush artist based in Australia!

I’ve been sewing since 2018 and I can’t go a full week without creating something!

I create all sorts of plush creations ranging from anthro dragons to laying down wolves!

I do indeed take customs, especially if you have a reference of your OC I’m more than happy to bring them to life! 

I’m totally a massive nerd, and love Legend of Zelda & Pokémon are my two favourite game series … and of course I’m a mega Marvel obsessed lady and of course Loki is my favourite 💜

Quick Information

Commission Form

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Commissions ~

This page contains all the details about my customs, that you can read through to understand how my commissions work, for any question about anything your unsure of just send me a message!

Firstly, feel free to let me know all about your plush / OC you would like to be made! 

If they have pronouns I would love to know, & if you wished to be addressed with your preferred pronouns or name please also let me know 💜

Have a read through the following information, and once read you will see a place on the bottom to sign and send back to me so I know you have acknowledged everything in here.


My pricing is taking the materials, sewing, cutting, and my time into consideration, if your plush has a large number of hand sewn features keep this in mind that it does take quite a bit of time to sew all these little pieces together, hence the price I’ve quoted you

🧵 Quotes 🪡

Feel free to ask me for a free quote! 

I will draw up your design into a plush style so you can if this looks good or not! 

If you have an OC please send a ref sheet, no shading just nice flat colours, side view / left and right if there’s markings on one side and make sure to tell me exactly which side these are on!

💎Payment 💎

 I use AUD (Australian Dollars) for all my sales. Once you have agreed to the quoted payment, I will create a custom listing for you on my website with half the amount quoted - this is your 50% deposit - this excludes the postage / shipping cost as that is added onto the last payment where you address will be needed at the checkout.

After the 50% deposit is made I will get your plush started! I will also double confirm everything with you, to ensure your plush is finished in a timely manner. 

I will personally give you a time frame for your plush completion, as a guide I’m using the standard of 3 weeks for any plush to be made and posted to you! 

Example - Your plush costs $200, and your located within Australia the first payment is $100 aud and the last payment is $100 + $11 postage at the checkout 

✈️ Please note about postage 📦 ✈️ 

If your within Australia, excellent! The postage is always express however if it’s a very large plush it will just be regular mail due to the cost, (for those within Australia it’s $11 flat rate I’ll cover the excess for you) 

For my international friends, I will confirm with you the shipping cost in your quote, for those in USA / Canada the postage is $25 - this is tracked air Mail for both security purposes and so we both know where you plush is! 

If your plush is rather large I will let you know at the time the postage will be higher due to the size and weight 

❌Change of Mind / Cancellations ❌

Change of mind after you have paid your deposit, I allow up to 24hours for you to change minor things on your plush, nothing major I will charge an excess for the more time you’ve added onto your plush (especially if I’ve gone and done an entire pattern / design and you want to change the pose ect.) 


I will accept a full cancellation if you have circumstances that you need to do indeed need to cancel, this must be done as soon as possible! 

If I’ve already put hours into your plush / used materials you will receive a partial refund accounting for the materials I’ve used / my time 

⏳ Plush Progress 🪡 

So your getting excited about your custom and want to see how they are going? 

Well that’s fantastic, on my Instagram I’ll post photos of them being made and you will also get exclusive updates via Facebook message or Instagram messages depending on where we have had a chat! 

Usually I’m rather talkative and love taking photos to show you your little plush coming to life behind the scenes, and the best part is this is how we can get exactly the right poses with sewn on limbs! 

Also if your on Tic Tok expect a fun video or three of your plush being made! 

(Note if your plush is a surprise for someone or you would prefer to not have them shared that’s perfectly okay too! 

🏳️‍🌈Pride Plushies 🏳️‍🌈

Will I make a plush themed after your pride flag… absolutely! There’s really no question, I’m more than happy to incorporate your colours into your plush to show your pride! 🌈🥰🌈

🍆 NSFW Plush 🍑 

I am open to making NSFW plushies, this will be discussed further with your quote and original messages. 

⛔️What I will not Make⛔️

Anything related to or about - Racial Discrimination, religious figures in an offence way, extremist groups / propaganda, anything I personally deem offensive to another race, sexual orientation, sexual / underaged suggestive content. 

I am not cool with anyone bullying or harassment in any type especially in the plush form.

Shipping Information

All items are posted within 2-3 days of purchase and payment being cleared, any delays I’ll let you know!
I am located in Australia & do post internationally!

All parcels are sent with tracking number so both of us will know when they arrive!

I use Australia Post, and each item has the postage rate applied at the checkout, please note large plushies do cost more to post due to weight and size.
My shipping prices are exactly what the post office charges per parcel, some items are more expensive due the weight of the parcel and sizing, I do not make any money off postage.
Your shipping number will be sent to you same day your order is posted.

Price Guide

This is a summary of my pricing to assist you, all prices below are guidelines of the starting price ~

Anthro Plush Standing - $170

  • Moveable jointed arms and fixed standing legs, embroidery for paw pads and eyes 15” tall

Floppy BAB Anthro - $200

  • Sitting / floppy Anthro limbs are not posebale but this size is huggable - 20” tall 

Manokits - $150

  • Features embroidered paws, closed eyes and has jointed arms, in a seated pose with tail to the side - 10” tall

Laying Canine - $150

  • Tail laying straight out behind the rear, 16” length, faux fur is not included in price (contact me for these options, embroidered eyes

Laying Dragon - $200

  • Large dragon, including thread sculpted horns, embroidered wings, embroidered eyes and up to 2 sets of horns (total of 4)

Snow Leopards - $350

  • Full embroidered facial details, paws and fully moveable tail with doll joints, using dense faux fur can be sitting or standing 11” - 15” tall

Sitting Dragons ~ $170

  • Facial embroidery, and fixed limbs, fin ears or classic ears including two little teeth, sits at 9” excluding horns

These are the base prices for plushies I’ve made before, your design can cost additional for extra details such as another set of wings, horns, even extra tails also anything such as faux fur or additional purchases of fabrics / patterns will be added into your quote ~

For a quote please use the form I have available to get the most accurate pricing for your plush design / idea

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