• Welcome to Scales & Stitches

    I am a plush artist based in Australia!

  • I’m a classic nerd and new age weeb, who has a hoard of dragons and never ending pile of plushies…

    With my little knowledge I decided to buy a sewing machine, heaps of fabric and with my insane patience I have learned to create plushies

    These skills are rather valuable and together with Kirito (my sewing / embroidery machine) we form a powerful duo, no one can mess with us…

    (until I see the wrong peice to something and need to unpick it multiple times & yes named after Sword art online’s black swordsman)

  • Sewing is an adventure, just like creating your character in Skyrim for an hour, plush making is insanely fun and always takes a while to get exactly what you want! 

    And remember with great power comes great responsibility… yes of course I’ll quote Marvel, I’m a nerd remember?

    🗡Also Loki is my favourite Marvel character 🗡