Claws That need no Manicure

by Ashley Brooker

The perfect claws all start with how much you love hand sewing.
Claws are an essential part of a dragon, after all they need to be able to grab onto ledges, steal gold and in general look awesome
Topaz is a 3 toed dragon, so he has 12 claws in total, each claw is hand sewn onto the foot and this certainly takes a while.
Different Types of claws...
Every dragon has different features to the last so not mix up the claws and create something a little more bizarre...
What style claw to make?

Webbed claws
Hooked claws
Very short or very long claws
Rounded or Pointed 
Velociraptor Claws
No claws 
Dew Claws (Hind leg area) 
Wing Tip Claws
Retractable Claws... (would be awesome but very hard) 
3 - 4 toed dragons 
or even little stumpy Footed dragons !
Well there’s certainly a few options... but remember most are hand sewn to be prepared (get a good Netflix marathon ready)