Eye Catching Details

Eye Catching Details

Safety eyes

The eyes you use can really make your creations stand out from the crowd.
I use plastic - acrylic safety eyes of all different sizes, these are easily available online in all shapes, sizes and even designs on the pupils!

Amigurumi Creations

For my Amigurumi I mainly use lighter coloured eyes to ensure they really stand out.
The hardest colour eye to match to yarn is dark purple, now I don’t know why but dark purple is rather dark and just hard to pick what colour to use it with 😂 
The best colour safety eye is white, I absolutely love using sparkly white eyes as they seem to go with every colour and look sensational every single time!
A tip for your eyes, when inserting them cut a small square of felt to help add bulk behind your stitches, this will allow the eyes not be as “indented” rather more flush with the stitches!

For my Amigurumi dragons I prefer to use slit pupils to give them more of a reptilian look and this changes the entire “Aura” of the finished dragon !

Sewn Dragons
For the big guys I love using the classic big eyes and rounded pupils, the rounded pupils give off a cute friendly appearance but you can definitely add slit pupils to give off a “I’ll burn your house down” appearance.
I use my largest eyes on the really big guys (Topaz is a prime example) 

You will notice that these dragons usually have pretty eye lids, these also help develop that dragon character, they can be friendly, aggressive or to tired to care !
I buy my safety eyes online from ~ 
They have the best quality and free shipping ! 
They are based in America and I they detail and selection of eyes is truely... eye opening 😂 
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