Spikes & Spines & Horns

Spikes & Spines & Horns

These spiky details really enhance your creatures appearance dramatically!

Every dragon usually has one pair of magnificent large horns!
Topaz here has multiple spikes & a row of spines down his back
The most popular placement for spikes are - 
In seam Centre back spikes 
Tail spike 
Wing claws or spikes
Facial Spikes
Leg spikes or claws 
All dragons has a pair a horns, some may even be different lengths or the perfect match
For my personal preference All horns are on the head and are larger than any other spike or claw making them horns to be proud of.
All these little pieces are all hand sewn onto the creatures body last, that way the body is complete and you can pin everything and play around with placement for hours!

The centre back spikes can be a bit tricky, first they sewn along the spiked edge then sandwiched into the centre back seam... 

Notice how Topaz has stuffed spikes? 

Easy, well it’s bit fiddly but worth it, sew the spikes like usual and then stuff them while sewing them shut. 

Yes, stuff & sew at the same time in the machine, that way when you sandwich them between the body pieces they are stuffed and no stuffing will explode.

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