Strawberry Cow Deposit
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Strawberry Cow Deposit

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Hello, this is an item NOT MADE YET! 

Prior to ordering please read the following ~ 


*** Cow in the picture is an example of the strawberry cows with the classic pink & cream ***  


This is the deposit order for the crochet strawberry cow, this is a NON REFUNDABLE purchase, once you have paid the $10 deposit I will begin making your cow 🐮 


The strawberry cow colours are ~ Cream - body, head, legs 

Pink ~ Horns, Ears, Nose-Mouth, udders and her little foot pads 

Your cow will take 1 - 2 weeks at the very most to be completed, and ready for purchase.

I will email (or message you any progress photos you wish to see, these will also on Instagram @knightshade130 so feel free to give me a stalk) 

Once your cow is complete she will be popped onto the website and I’ll let you know, you can purchase her at any time (no rush 😊 ) 


How much for a Custom Strawberry Cow ? 🐮 

Each cow is $40 ( $10 is your deposit, once completed they will be listed for the remaining $30)

If your after different colours or other options send me a message on Instagram @knightshade130 and I will show you my yarn stash suitable for cows 😂 


How big is the finished cow ? 🐃 🐄 

Each cow will differ slightly from these measurements (not by much 1cm at most) 

Height : 16cm

Width: 8cm (excluding her tail)

Eyes: Black 15mm Eyes


As always please only purchasing AFTER messaging me so I know who you are, and to check my availability 💕💕