Embroidered Patches !

These are my handmade Machine embroidered patches !

Great news these patches are iron on! 🐲

So you can simply iron on your patch with ease to anything you choose! (I suppose even your underwear) 

Each patch is handmade and are unique, especially the ones using a variegated thread, no two will ever be the same ! 

Like one but want a different colour… simply let me know and I’ll show you the colours I have available to make it in at no extra cost ! (I have over 150 colours...) 

Also if your like me and love glow in the dark... well I have thread for that, just message me on Instagram @Knightshade130 for other colours and the glow in the dark option ! 


For anything else just pop a message through to me on Instagram @Knightshade130 😊