About Me

Hello, and welcome to my store

~ ScalesAndStitches ~ 

Here you will find dragons of all types and other fantasy creatures all lovely handmade by myself!


Who am I ?
Well I’m Ashley,

I’m 22 and Australian 

I have a huge hoard of fabric & yarn

I literally have myself surrounded by dragons

And I thought to myself

“why not create even more dragons to share with the world!”



Where am I ?
When I’m busy sewing...

(and totally not swearing at the machine for something that’s my fault) 

I’m found at the Sunshine Coast (Qld) 

Yep I’m living in the small town of Eumundi 🤍



How on earth did I get into Sewing / Crochet ?

That’s an easy one...

When I was 18 I was scrolling the internet in search for another dragon plushie, and naturally Pinterest popped up...

After falling into the depths of Pinterest I discovered the world of Amigurumi

(it’s Japanese for “crochet doll making”)

And wow.

When I seen these adorable dragons I knew what I had to do, run off to the nearest dollar store buy a crochet hook and cheap

(honestly terrible) yarn and give it a go!

Lets just say the first and fifty first attempts to make a circle didn’t go well 😅 but because I’m rather stubborn I didn’t give in

(I refused to accept that yarn was better than me)

After learning to crochet (good old YouTube & websites) 

There was no stopping me. 


Why on earth Sewing ?
Well that’s a continuation from the above, after making an Amigurumi dragon I realised I had to Sew together all the limbs to the body, the eyes, and wings as well

After making a few things I realised sewing was actually quite relaxing and fun to do!

One night I made up my mind to buy a sewing machine 

mainly for shits and gigs

turns out it’s super fun to sew...

And it drives me insane at times when I get it wrong and have to unpick multiple times 🤣



Advanced Diploma Of Fashion & Design 

After discovering I loved sewing plushies I decided to have a look at any sewing courses for dressmaking, that’s when I enrolled at tafe for the Advanced Diploma of fashion design & merchandising

Turns out plush sewing and clothing sewing is entirely different 
So after learning the “basics”

 Things other people knew for many years, I finally caught up with everything (and yes staying after class multiple times to try to understand what on earth “pivoting darts” was 🙃 
and yes I can actually sew clothing ! 

And bonus I’m the worst sewer in the class! 

Now that’s a title 😂

I will be graduating this year ! 



Yep that’s about it. 

Enjoy having a stalk of my store, and have an awesome day!

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