About Me

Hello, and welcome to my store
~ ScalesAndStitches ~ 
Here you will find dragons of all types and other fantasy creatures that are handmade by myself!
Who am I ?
Well I’m Ashley,
I’m 22 and Australian 
I have a huge hoard of fabric & yarn
I literally have myself surrounded by dragons
And I thought to myself
“why not create even more dragons to share with the world!”

Where am I ?
~ Australia ~
I’m located at the Sunshine Coast (Qld) 
And I live in a small town called Eumundi 🤍
Why The Name ScalesAndStitches?
Scales ~ Reptiles have always fascinated me especially dragons, they have such beautiful scales 
Stitches ~ Every creature is made a combination of different stitches! 
That’s how I got the name ScalesAndStitches !
Advanced Diploma Of Fashion & Design ~
After discovering I loved sewing plushies I decided to have a look at any sewing courses for dressmaking, that’s when I enrolled at tafe for the Advanced Diploma of fashion design & merchandising
Turns out plush sewing and clothing sewing is entirely different...
But even though I was indeed the worst sewer in the class (yes it's true!)
I have greatly imporved from completing this course and my plush work has changed completely with my new (and ever growing talent)
Enjoy having a stalk of my store, and have an awesome day!

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