Wire Armature

Notice how my Amigurumi & Sewn plushies have their heads held high, their tails in a powerful pose ?

Well that’s thanks to the wire armature inside them
A wire Armature? 
The best way to describe this is simply, it’s a skeleton made and worked around, and the finished product is going to be posable
Is it sharp? 
While you may feel the wire
(if your squishing your dragon on purpose to grab the wire...
(No clue why you would do this but don’t. That’s just mean.)
Once the wire is cut, I bend the ends in, use pliers to make both ends as close together as possible.
After the ends at flush with each other I tape them together with duct tape, and then a thin layer of clear sticky tape to ensure no eyes are poked out 😅
Where is it used ?


I usually use floral wire in my Amigurumi projects, this can be found inside my dragons mainly -
Running from head to tail
And wing to wing

When the wings are made they are crocheted onto the wire and this wire also goes through the body to keep both wings even!

Sewn Dragons
For the larger more complex dragons I use rather thick wire, from Bunnings (hardware store) 
The wire goes in the following areas ~ 
Head to very tip of tail
Each wing around the frame
Another wire inserted into the wing “veins” 
And another thinner wire to keep a strong connection between both wings!
This wire runs through one wing, the body and right to the other side !

How do I know if it has wire Armature or not?

Read the item description, it will say if that particular creature has it or not 😁