OC Character - Anthro Doll

OC Character - Anthro Doll - Starting at $300 - Example of this plush is Strawberry the dragon who is selling for $350 due to the additional details added 

Standing at 32cm in height - This is the normal size not including any horns on the head :)

Claws are an additional $20 can be either 4 fingers or 5 fingers for the hands, the rear paws are always 4 toed

Sublimation Printing - This cost will be worked out after seeing the ref sheet, this process involves designing the markings on gimp / procreate and printing using sublimation ink, this is then heat pressed onto to plush to allow for very precise markings / colours - this is permeant dying, and doesn't wash out or change the softness of the plush :)

Embroidery - I have a very large collection of eye designs available to choose from, however if you wish to draw an eye I can turn this design into embroidery for your plush for and additional $20

Glow in the dark thread - Need some creepy glow in the dark eyes? Yep I can do that too, this thread is rather expensive and will add an additional $10 on the price of this plush

Doll Joints- This plush has moveable arms using doll joints that can be rotated and hold their pose, all included in the price 

Accessories - Need a little extra for your plush? Accessories can be added such as bandana's for an additional cost, just let me know what your after for a price :)

*** Does your character have a nub tail, the doll stands using their tails for balance any short or nub tails will result in a not so happy balanced plush, however they do sit very nicey on doll stands which can be brought online or at your local craft store, I can sell one for you at $16 (you can get them cheaper online too)