Plush Pricing Guide ~ Commissons

Looking to get a custom made plush, but you might be socially awkward and not wish to send me a message for prices?

Well have no fear the plush price guide is here!

Prices will change depending on how much detail / markings are required on the plush, fur prices are NOT included in any of the prices as fur is hard to source and therefor has many prices 

This is a guide to my prices for certain styles of plushies I have made before, pop down below to see the prices & press the links to see an example of this plush style!

Sublimation printing - This is a method to get those little spots in the perfect shade of colour and location, this process is designing the pattern / marking on procreate / gimp - exporting to print using sublimation printing and then heat pressing this onto the plush fabric, the fabric does not lose softness, and is safe to wash (Also non toxic)

Embroidered details - Used for larger marking that need a more special look, I have metallic thread, glow in the dark, and of course my standard glossy thread all these option are available, Metallic thread has an additional $10 charge due to how slow you need use embroider with it and the cost is quite high... 

The glow in the dark threads need to be "charged" via exposure to bright light or use a UV black light to see just how vivid they are, these are also an additional $10 due to the cost of the threads - they have a more matte look and aren't as shiny are the standard thread

Doll Joints - Only certain styles of plush can have doll joints, which allow the arms to move around and be posed!

Fur Hair - I really hate / love sewing fur, mainly since its expensive and gets everywhere, but I can add fur details when needed