Plush Pricing Guide ~ Custom

This is a summary of my pricing to assist you, all prices below are guidelines of the starting price ~

Anthro Plush Standing - $170

  • Moveable jointed arms and fixed standing legs, embroidery for paw pads and eyes 15” tall

Floppy BAB Anthro - $200

  • Sitting / floppy Anthro limbs are not posebale but this size is huggable - 20” tall 

Manokits - $150

  • Features embroidered paws, closed eyes and has jointed arms, in a seated pose with tail to the side - 10” tall

Laying Canine - $150

  • Tail laying straight out behind the rear, 16” length, faux fur is not included in price (contact me for these options, embroidered eyes

Laying Dragon - $200

  • Large dragon, including thread sculpted horns, embroidered wings, embroidered eyes and up to 2 sets of horns (total of 4)

Snow Leopards - $350

  • Full embroidered facial details, paws and fully moveable tail with doll joints, using dense faux fur can be sitting or standing 11” - 15” tall

Sitting Dragons ~ $170

  • Facial embroidery, and fixed limbs, fin ears or classic ears including two little teeth, sits at 9” excluding horns

These are the base prices for plushies I’ve made before, your design can cost additional for extra details such as another set of wings, horns, even extra tails also anything such as faux fur or additional purchases of fabrics / patterns will be added into your quote ~

For a quote please use the form I have available to get the most accurate pricing for your plush design / idea