Safety Eyes

Notice how eye catching my creations eyes are?
That’s due to the beautiful safety eyes 
What’s a safety eye?
Safety eyes are just magical little things
I Use the ones that are made from plastic or acrylic
and these eyes snap onto washers keeping them in place!

Safety... Eyes...?
These are called safety eyes as the can’t be pulled out. 
Now I certainly wouldn’t try to pull them out 
(buy why on earth would you) 

They seriously lock into the washer with a loud “snap”
They sandwich the fabric to help describe this ~ 
And once you push that washer down your sandwich is complete.
Okay, but how hard are they to remove...?

Please don’t try to remove them. 
Don’t be mean to the creations I have made.
But here’s a story about them (true story) 
So I was minding my own business and had my little felt dragon on my bookshelf when suddenly I looked over and he was gone !

I ran outside to find Luña had taken him to see the outside world...
Well she decided to eat one of his eyes.
(Yes she’s fine she’s always naughty)
Upon chasing Luña with the dragon in her mouth I managed to retrieve the little dragon only to find one eye missing
Funny thing is that even a Luna’s chewing couldn’t actually remove the eye + washer combo
She simply ate a part of the fabric 😂 
So now that little dragon has one eye and still looks cute 🥰

Removal Of Safety Eyes...
I have accidentally placed two different coloured eyes into a project and the only way to truely remove them to to cut off the washer 
Now that sounds simple right...?
wrong. The connection between eye and washer is very strong, like I nearly broke my hand trying to get the washer off 
(okay probs not that bad but it really hurt 😂)
And then if you cut the eye part well you’ve just broke your lovely safety eyes!
Basically, they don’t remove. 
My creations have eyes for life, please take of them !