Shipping Information

All items are posted within 1-2 days of purchase and payment being cleared, any delays I’ll let you know!
The usual rate for shipping is $11
and this is express postage so your new plushie will arrive as quickly as possible !
*not on international orders*
*Not avaliable on giant dragons*
My creatures are posted from the Sunshine Coast and all have tracking numbers, so we can both ensure they arrive!

My shipping prices are exactly what the post office charges per parcel, some items are more expensive due the weight of the parcel and sizing, I do not make any money off postage.
Your shipping number will be sent to you same day your order is posted.

Packing Peanuts ~
Your item may contain peanuts, don’t eat them 🙃 they are biodegradable ones, to have some fun hold one under a tap and watch it dissolve in water! 

They are made from corn so washing they down the drain is perfectly fine (and satisfying to watch the disappear!)