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Giant plush Dragon Information ~


So you’ve fallen in love with owning a handmade plush giant dragon?


Well I’ve got you, let’s make one just for you!

I can custom make you a special giant dragon, the colours can be changed to whatever colours of minky or soft fur I’ve currently got!


Send me a pm on here to discuss making your very own cuddly dragon!


The price ~ These dragons will be $160 Australian Dollars 💵 INCLUDING THE POSTAGE!!


Yep that’s right postage included !🤩😁


Before making your dragon I’ll require a deposit of half the price so this will be $80 upfront. Once paid I’ll get started on your dragon right away!



If you love the original rainbow fur and want this for your dragon I’ll simply need to order some online, you simply just need to pay a special deposit of $20 and I’ll let you know when this fabric arrives, once it arrived you just need to pay $60 for the remaining deposit and I’ll start making your dragon!


These dragons can have the Main colour changed to suit your dragon in mind, and horns, spikes, wing shape can also be altered to make your ideal dragon even better!


The embroidered eyes can also have different colours just let me know what colour you would love & I’ll show you what combo I would recommend!


They will only be available for Australia right now, as shipping a giant dragon would certainly cost a rather high amount 🥲


How long will my dragon take?


2 weeks maximum, I’ll even keep you updated on how your dragon is progressing!

(Seriously I do actually sew at fast pace this is simply a the longest you would need to wait after paying your deposit)


The eyes take an hour each to embroider, the cutting takes around an hour as well, not to mention the constant cleaning of fabric to get rid of any shedding fibres (the sticky roller is literally always on standby for fluffy fabric 😂)


Alrighty any other questions let me know!

I think I’ve covered everything!


Pop a pm through to me to get started on your very own plush dragon!