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If you need a super soft Vintage Style Dragon Doll in your life, then look no further!

This Dragon is made from From High quality Faux Fur, polyester fiberfill, T pin metal and wood joints, small steel weights ( to make them sit perfectly) and each dragon has beautiful safety eyes!

Blizzard has the most beautiful fur that is so soft!

Her fur is a vibrant white mixed with shades of bright blue, her eyes are a vibrant glitter pink to match her belly, horns, ears of her wings!

Ā Blizzards fur is 6.5cm in pile length!

Each Dragons measurements are slightly different, (due to fur characteristics)Ā  here is the average measurements:

This DragonĀ sitting isĀ 27cm tall

When sitting they areĀ 34cm in length

These Dragons areĀ NOT intended for young children as a gift unless they treat their dolls with care and respect.