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Custom Eastern (Asian) Dragon ~ Information

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Custom Eastern Dragon Information ~

The dragon pictured “Haku” is the style of dragon this listing is representing you will not be getting him (unless you want one made like him 🥰) 

I can’t believe I have to say this but, my fabric is NOT for sale. (Yes seriously people always want to buy my fabric) 


Alright onto the fun stuff now! 

You can have your very own dragon made using which colours you love !
The images shown are samples I have cut from my favourite, the colour is pretty accurate to the photo

The solid colour fabric is minky, which is a very soft plush fabric that is amazing !

These dragons cost $60 - $70 to be custom made.

Before your dragon is made & before I start your plush

you must pay a deposit this will be half the cost of your finished dragon

(example, One fur dragon is $70, you pay $35 upfront and I begin working)

After the plush is all made I will list him for the remaining  $35 
Shipping cost is added at checkout and is separate from the deposit.

* shipping is $11 within Australia* 

International buyers must tell me prior to having a plush made!


A dragon with NO FAUX FUR is $60

If your after a dragon with spikes in place of fur they will cost less, and have a row of spikes along the back, sides of head & tail tip can also be made in a cute little spike to match his other spines


A dragon WITH FAUX FUR is $70 

Faux fur is expensive, and I only buy fantastic quality fur that doesn’t shed once sewn & doesn’t contain any animal products (it’s 100% fake so no allergies) 

Dragons with fur will have fur running down their back, tail tip and of course side head fur 


Facial Horns ~ Each dragon has two main horns

Naturally horns are all different and I mainly use the classic horn style, antler style,

long eastern style (which is what horn Haku has) 

I can indeed change the horn style to suit what your dragon requires 🥰

Just send me a photo of what type of horn you like and I’ll give it a ago for you!



Traditionally Eastern dragons don’t actually have wings,
but you can indeed have a pair added to your dragon!

Small classic dragon wings can be sewn onto the shoulder area of a dragon with 

back spines however those with Fur are simply to fluffy to have room!

Wing styles can also be customised from the classic wing

style to whichever you need 

(send a reference photo of a wing you like) 


Embroidered Eyes

All dragons obviously have eyes, and the eye colour can indeed 

also be customised, the eye style can also be changed from the classic eye 

used in Haku, to a dragon with a missing & scarred eye !

I will show the eye options for this when we discuss 🥰


Send me a pm on Instagram @Knightshade130
to get started on your very own custom plush dragon!

Or contact me via email ~

(Instagram is much more easier to contact me) 


I can’t wait to make your dragon 🥰