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Embroidered Iron On Patch ~ Ballon Unicorn

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Who said unicorns can’t fly just because they don’t have wings ?

This unicorn has tied a ballon to herself to take flight and prove that anyone can fly 💕

The unicorns colour definitely remind of marshmallows 😍🥰

Size ~ 91mm x 98mm also see hand size reference 😄

This will ship within 3 days (Maximum as they will be made as your order them, I will also let you know if their is any delays 😍)

These patches are machine embroidered onto a stable backing, with a heat transferred film melted onto the back of them!

How do I use an iron on patch ?

It’s actually super easy to use, firstly grab whatever you desire to pop your design on (try not grab anything that’s super stretchy and in a place where the fabric will be stretched dramatically... such as work out booty shorts ! )

Next decide where you would love to pop your patch

Then remove the paper backing (I even wrote this on each backing so you can’t forget)

Now place the badge (design size down ! Have the pretty side facing away from the surface it’s going to)

Notice the shiny side after removing the paper? That’s actually the heat activated glue, so you know what’s coming next..

Place the badge down first, then the fabric on top and iron. (I would recommend using a pressing cloth) 

No steam, just a nice iron on the top of your clothes, NOT ON THE PATCH.


Still unsure ? Here’s a visual - 


Patch (right side down) glue side up - 🐲

Your fabric 👗 

(Pressing cloth - optional) 

Iron ~ 🔥 


Make sure you adjust your iron to what your fabric requires! 

The adhesive is very quick to melt and stick your fabric so once it’s on... it’s not coming off make sure you place it exactly where you want it! 

Just remember- Fabric to the Patch NOT PATCH TO FABRIC. 


Why can’t I iron on the actual Patch side ?(Design side) 

You might burn the thread (this shouldn’t happen but...)

if you do iron on that side so please don’t do this, if you do I’m not responsible for your lack of reading and carelessness 


Caring for your patch ~ 

Easy. Just don’t bleach it, set it on fire, eat it, or do anything that’s just bizarre with it in general! 

As stated above if you do anything to break, burn, melt, eat or cut your patch I will NOT refund you for your bizarre behaviour, these are handmade and do take a while to create and each is 100% unique 🌸