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Scales & Stitches


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Meet Flash a friendly little dragon with green horns and a matching green belly

Flash is made from Polyester fabric that is a vibrant rainbow zig zag pattern.

Flash features two vibrant safety eyes 

This dragons legs are attached using buttons (as shown in photo) 
These button allow the legs to be moved and allow the dragon to stand up (they can be stubborn when you are getting them to balance upright 😂) 

These dragons have several hand sewn parts on them such as the legs that are button jointed using 8 threads and multiple passing of the needle to connect both legs at once! 

There is always a minimum of 32 stitches attaching the legs to the body! *

These dragons are not to be rough handled, or given to young children who will not respect them.

My pet dragons are handmade and they are all unique, enjoy them on display and gentle play and they will be your most loyal pet!

These dragon average at at 38cm in length and 21cm in height

These dragons have an average wingspan of 50cm!

Pattern from BeeZeeArt ❤️