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Flower Snake ~ Pink Noodle

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Love a good danger noodle but want a cute art form that can be displayed... well here it is!Β 

This gorgeous snake 🐍 hiding amongst the flowers is made from resin, ink and white paint πŸ’š

This vibrant snake, the pink ink just simply exploded and made this magical pink snake !Β 

These colours can’t help but make the resin look almost glass like and are simply just work amazingly well together!

Yes, the clear stand is indeed included ! (Also a close up of how to sit him on it)Β 

This chilled out noodle measures at ~

Height - 17.5cm (tail to cute tongue)Β 

Width - 12cm (at widest points)Β 


As always don’t leave your resin piece sitting in the burning hot Aussie sun as the resin will indeed heat up and warp !Β