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Scales & Stitches

Helios The Sun Dragon

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Meet Helios, this proud dragon is a guardian of the sun and a fierce protector of her keeper, with her vambraces, and armoured tail & hind legs she certainly isn’t the dragon you want to mess with! 

Helios has gorgeous white fur with purple, orange, gold & pink tips forming a perfect ombré of sunset colours, her fur is of course faux fur that is super soft to stroke 🥰


Length - 43cm  (she’s a perfect lap dragon)

Height - 28cm


Helios has embroidered eyes, wings and her armour is fully removable (just a pain to get back on 😂)

Her main colour is “Chambray” which is a unique blue that shines silvery blue in different lighting, her horns are a soft yellow & her underbelly is a matching yellow

Helios is made entirely out of soft minky, faux fur, love and of course stuffing (my stuffing is eco friendly and made from recycled pet bottles!) 

She is handmade by myself and one of a kind, no dragon will ever look like her again making her a perfect addition to your collection 💚

 Base pattern by - NoxxPlush