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Ever seen a Manokit? Half fox, and half shark these adorable creatures have some rather unique features… the tail and fin of a shark 🦈 and adorable paws of a fox 🦊 they have some odd features such as there super sensitive eyesight - which is why this little one has their eyes closed to block out the sunlight! 

Sitting at 20cm tall this little one is perfect to sit out on your bookshelf and just look absolutely adorable… 

Speaking of special features this one’s paws have special toe beans… they glow in the dark! I’ve included a photo of these toes glowing at night when exposed to a black light and they certainly look amazing!

Hand Sewn seams - This Manokit has handsewn ears & thread sculpted paws please take care for your manokit and remember they are collectable art 💜

Patten by TeaCupLion 💙