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Poseidon The Sea Dragon

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Poseidon an ancient god of the sea, a rather fitting name for a chunky little Sea Dragon don’t you think?

This version of Poseidon is rather friendly, chubby and in general adorable 🥰 

Poseidon had lots of fun features I decided to randomly add such as his facial horns, long whiskers, little claws, and of course his little sea stars on the sides of his body! 

The best feature of Poseidon is definitely his little mouth, he reminds me of a whale shark, I imagine he would just cruise around with his toothless mouth open and suck little krill into this stomach for a very lazy eating method 😂 

And no he’s doesn’t bite...hard 

Poseidon is designed to have his front leg in the air and remain on standing on his other 3 legs

Although his whiskers may look two different lengths they are actually the same size just notice the angle of his chubby little head doing a slight head tilt (it’s like his wondering what your about to do...)


Poseidon measures at ~

Height ~ ( head to toe) ~ 22cm

Length ~ (head to tail) ~  30cm

Width ~ (front paw to front paw) ~ 15cm 

💙💙💙 Poseidon is actually a VIVID BLUE AND ORANGE 💙💙💙

Form some reason my camera hated his vibrant tones, so be warned his lovely and bright in person!!!

The last 3 photos are the best ones showing his vivid colour !