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Ruby The Sea Dragon

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Meet Ruby the Sea Dragon, she has short whiskers and real aura Quartz Crystals growing out of her head, neck and body!

Ruby has a little cluster of crystals which his tail is curled around to protect!

Sea dragons all have a little shell on the top of their tail !

Approximate size for this sea dragon is 23cm in length and 11-14cm in Height
(check photo for size in my hand)

This Sea dragon is made from Acrylic yarn, Acrylic Safety Eyes And features real aura quartz crystals (these has hot glued into the sea dragon)

This dragon is poseble thanks to the wire running the entire length of the body,
Gently move the wire to where you would like the tail and head slightly positioned too, be gentle!

Sea Dragons are not suitable for small children unless they know how to respect items that have wires inserted in them and the crystals must be treated with care!!!

Please respect your Sea Dragon while they are not too fragile they should be treated appropriately, as you would treat a dragon ( don’t pull their whiskers of horns...)

This Pattern is entirely created by myself

If you crochet yourself the pattern is available for sale in my Amigurumi Patterns section