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Seaweed The Loch Ness Monster

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🌿 Seaweed is not the Loch Ness monster that will eat you! Instead he will steal your heart with those gorgeous big eyes and calming tones 🌿

Made from soft sparkly acrylic yarns this monster is cute and cuddly not a beast.  

This is the second Loch Ness monster I’ve made after receiving multiple requests for another Nessie so here he is ! 

Seaweed was extremely fun to crochet even the fiddly 4 part tail 😂 

I named him seaweed since this yarn just worked up so beautifully I couldn’t help but think of seaweed dancing underwater showing off it’s multi toned leaves 🍃 💦 🌿

Seaweed has 2 tones of white, his front flippers are made with a slightly off white yarn with sparkles throughout it and his rear flippers (the main long part the flipper is sewn to) is also the same

The spots, tail tip and rear flippers feature the more solid white yarn to have a bit more fun and add some more tones ! (Nothing to do with me running out of yarn...)

Seaweed measures at ~ 

Height ~ (head to flipper) ~24cm 

Width ~ (front flipper to front flipper) ~ 22cm

Length ~ (chest to tail ) ~ 28cm


No wire was used with Seaweed 💚

Seaweed also has a ribbon around his neck with a hand cast little resin heart 💜 

He has this special little heart because he deserves it 🥰