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Snow Leopard ~ Sitting ☀️

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Snow Leopards, these large cats are simply adorable, with their fluffy coats, long tails and stunning patterns who wouldn’t want to own one?

These Snow Leopards are made from faux fur & minky, both have beautifully vibrant embroidery on there faces, paw pads that have been thread sculpted and those tails are fully moveable! 

The large tails have a plastic doll armature in them (you can feel the little bumps of them when you pay the tail - it’s almost like a spine like feeling) and this rounded armature allows the tails full range of movements, as you can see in the pictures I moved the tails into different poses! 

Measurements -

Height - 31cm (excluding ears)

Width - Hind leg to hind leg - 35cm

Tail Length - 74cm (tail out straight) 


Hand sewn areas ~ This plush has the following areas of hand sewn features - Head, legs and tail, please take care for your Snow Leopard and remember they are collectable art


Shipping Note ~ This is a large plush therefor a large box with lots of padding is required, this will cost extra in post compared to my normal plushies! 

For my international friends if you are interested in purchasing this plush please send me a message on Instagram @Knightshade130 so I can set the postage rate into the price for you! 

Patten by Nazfx_Studios 💙