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Strawberry The Dragon!

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Meet Strawberry the most adorable dragon you’ve seen! 

Strawberry has quite a few features, and if you don’t like reading like me I popped this into 2 little videos to showcase them 😂 

For those like reading here we go -

This plush doll has embroidered facial details, (eyes, mouth, fangs and little polka brows) 

Sublimation Printed spots in two tones on her legs

16 claws - yes all handsewn on 😆 

Appliqué paws & wings 

Adorable little ears & horns 

A row of spikes starting on her head and trailing all the way down her tail 

My sublimation printed satin label (it’s cute and I love mentioning that I made this too!)

Thread Sculpted toes 

Moving arms - She has doll joints attaching the arms to the body allowing them to rotate around!

Also she can stand on her own or using a doll stand if you prefer her fully straight - when on her own just lean her back and her tail will support her!

And lastly I need to mention - like anything I create they are plush art NOT TOYS. 

Strawberry features quite a lot of handsewn areas including- x2 arm seams, 16 claws, head - body seam, 2 main horns, back spikes, back seam, wings, ears and tail which is - 28 hand sewn seams… yep it takes hours just for these parts, so please take care of her!

Strawberry is based off a character design I purchased a while ago on Toyhouse & her profile will be transferred to the new owner & her full character rights upon purchase!