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Tingles The Dragon

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Meet Tingles the Anthro dragon! 

Why the name? Well while sewing her I kept thinking about fruit tingles and how the fabric literally looks like Candy… and boom Tingles just had to be her name!

Tingles has moveable arms (safety joints inside her body & arms) which can rotate so she can wave and give you a hug 🥰

Don't be fooled by the photos- she’s quite the large plush she stands at 45cm from foot to head, check out my somewhat decent selfie to see her actual size next to a standard human (me) 

Shes made from soft minky, features embroidered eyes and her ears have a thick batting inside them, this is what allows them to defy gravity and stay standing (you will see some glue used to secure the sides of her ears in photos - her actual ears are sewed on the glue is only for the side parts) 

Tingles is not a toy! She is a collectible piece of art handmade by myself 💚

 Also buying her includes all rights to her character feel free to rename her as you wish 😊

Have a character you would love to see in plush form? Send me a pm on Instagram @Knightshade130 and we can have a chat! 


Pattern by ~ TeaCupLion