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Wyvern ~ 11

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Need a little friend to guard over your jewellery, books or gold? 

This little Wyvern will do just that! 

These little fellows were designed on my iPad, sculpted in a program and then 3D printed with my printer… sounds easy right? Well there was 11 test models to get these fellows looking perfect 😂 

Each is 3D printed using PLA + filament - non toxic but don’t lick your model please… (that’s just weird) 

Below I’ve popped a little guide for how to look after them! 


Care of 3D printed models ~ 

Don’t place in direct sunlight, or excessive heat (dashboard of a car, window still in the summer…)

when they are printed the filament is melted down turned into a liquid form and then set in that shape… so re-heating these guys will literally warp them / turn them into a blob 😭 

No need to wash them! - these are pla filament meaning a safe plastic, no need to clean them with water - they are not water dragons and don’t swim! 

They will not fly. Don’t even attempt to teach them to fly, they will come crashing down and break! those wings are for display not for use 😆 


Do admire them, place them on your bookshelf, have them guard your valuables and if they get attacked by dust bunnies, simply blow the dust off / dust them with a little brush 

Do remember they are not toys, and are a little figurine, dropping them will most likely cause damage- (if accidental damage happens just super them and they will be back in good condition)